VSL – Protecting the world’s cable-supported bridges

VSL Offering

Fully tested, certified and compliant

There’s no one-solution-fits-all approach, but at VSL, we have a tried and tested system, as well as the engineering capabilities to install our Fire Protection system on new and existing structures.

Lower lifecycle cost

Lifecycle cost is significantly lower than existing solutions due to ease of installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair. As it is a fully integrated system, implementation does not adversely impact construction timelines or specifications.

Successful implementation

Our Fire Protection system has been successfully installed and integrated on several projects worldwide to protect VSL stay cables, and will also be used to retrofit existing cables.

Why us?

More than half of the world’s population today live in urban areas and by 2045, the world’s urban population is expected to surpass six billion. Governments, nations and cities will continue to face numerous challenges in meeting the needs of their growing urban populations, including the protection of vital public transport infrastructure.

Bridges, and in particular large span cable-supported bridges, are essential to channel increasing traffic flows across waterways, railway lines, roads and other existing infrastructure. There is absolutely no doubt that mitigating accidental or intentional fire threats is a demanding responsibility, especially against the backdrop of increasing freight traffic, movement of hazardous goods and the rise of physical security threats in an ever more complex asset management context.

Recently, we’ve seen more fire accidents on bridges being reported and the risk of such incidences to stay cables and suspension cables can no longer be ignored. Thankfully, latest technological advancements have led to the enhancement of materials, which now allow for an effective implementation of an integrated Fire Protection system.

As a Swiss-headquartered pioneer and leader in stay cable bridge design, construction, maintenance and protection, VSL has a tested, certified and patent-pending Fire Protection system for cable-supported bridges, for both new build and retrofit projects. It is a fully integrated solution that is durable, easily inspectable and modular in design making it simple and cost effective to replace elements of both the Fire Protection and stay cable systems.

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